UFO Spotted In Pennsylvania

UFO In Pennsylvania

There is some part of everyone that has that feeling of what if. What if aliens are real? The big head, wide black eyes, and green bodied alien we all have thought of. Unidentified flying objects carrying these creatures around the galaxy and into our world. So much is unknown of outer space. Evidence is all around us that there is alien life out there. Think about all the crop circles, UFO sightings, and Area 51. Clearly with all of our technology out there, there has to be more known about extraterrestrials. For many years the government has been covering up what they know. The fact is that they haven’t been able to explain or cover everything up. There have been countless pictures, documentaries, and sightings that prove otherwise. Don’t be a fool to government cover up. Aliens are real and are flying spaceships or as we call them, UFO’s. Don’t live in denial anymore they are real and have been around maybe even longer than we have.

Just recently in Bovard, Pennsylvania witness has come forward with information that he has been hiding for over ten years now. The witness recalls seeing a UFO in 1998. Twas the night before Halloween. The witness and his friend were just having mindless fun throwing corn at the cars, while they hid in the fields surrounding the road. As kids usually do they got carried away and had their hands on a m100 firework. They decided why not light it off in someone’s mailbox. Of course now they regret that action, knowing that it is a federal offense to damage or tamper with someone’s mailbox. It was at that point the firework was lit and placed in a mailbox. The boys ran fast and heard the loud explosion. Then all the sudden just twenty feet over the basketball court these boys just ran was an object hovering steadily. The boys said the light was so bright they could not make out what the object looked like. They were sure it didn’t have anything to do with the explosive since they heard it first. The witnesses never spoke about the incident until now. They feared that the object was some sort of government agency coming to check out the explosion. They feared someone would find out that they had caused the mailbox explosion.

So what did these boys see? Was it aftermath from the mailbox explosion or was it really extraterrestrial. Since there were no photographs it’s hard to determine what exactly it was that they saw. Now that they are older they believe the object had something to do with aliens from outerspace. This case does make it hard to tell but the witness was so adamant about what he saw. Either way he knows that we are not alone in this world. There are other beings out there. How long have they been watching us and why? The government knows much more than they are telling. It is our mission to find out the truth and uncover the government secrets.