Illuminati Runs Los Angeles?

Illuminati Runs LA

For years I have heard about the mysterious secret society called the Illuminati. There are those who believe it is all a crock of crap. Others believe those that have not succeeded in Hollywood use the Illuminati as an excuse. Then there are many who swear on a stack of Bibles that a secret underworld of chosen ones really exists in Los Angeles. Coming from the world of entertainment in Tinsel Town, I can say that Los Angeles, though it is drenched everyday in sunlight, has a weird energy...a vibe to it that is very present. I do not know that I would call it the "Illuminati", but whatever "it" is real.

They say the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he does not exist. When a person from the midwest, east coast, and definitely the south takes that leap of faith and steps into the unknown by packing up their car, driving cross-country to fulfill a dream in Hollywood, they are always in for an awakening. When I first got to Los Angeles, I was in love! Coming from Chicago, the weather in California was like walking into Heaven. Equipped with my Chicago hustler spirit, I hit the ground running to accomplish what I came out there to do - get in the industry. Chicagoans and New Yorkers have a reputation in Los Angeles for being go-getters. I guess coming from states where the weather gets brutally cold for several months out of the year, there is absolutely no excuse not to get things done in sunshine all year round. I got out there, met some people who introduced me to some more people, lost my midwest weight to get down to a Hollywood size 6 which was still too fat, learned my way around the huge city and its freeways, and started adjusting to a world I truly was not used to...and maybe not ready for, but I was determined.

Based on relationships I had built and my new L.A. aesthetics, I attended parties starting at 2 o'clock in the morning. I walked into meetings that many would give their blood for. I simply wanted to cast films and television shows. One would think only aspiring actors and writers get sent through the wringer for an opportunity. Think again! I would get introduced to some heavy-hitters, which shall remain nameless, and there was always this eye-contact being exchanged amongst certain individuals at events and gatherings that felt like they had a secret between them. Aside from refusing, countless times, to join in a threesome with a executives and their spouse, there was definitely something else keeping me from reaching my goals. One night at an after-party, a new associate of mine who was always among the A-listers, told a popular singer that he was going to bring me to the party happening after the after-party. This singer looked me in my eyes and said,"No, she's too innocent." He walked away. Conversation was over. My associate arranged for me to get home while he went onto the secret party.

This same associate, determined to help me reach my goals because he was from Chicago as well, then invited me to a party given in a parking garage by a hip hop mogul. If you were driving past this parking garage structure, you never in a million years would have thought some of the biggest names in music and film were inside. My associate had a heck of a time getting me into the secret party. We entered through the back. There was a secret password needed to get in. To this day, he will not tell me what the password was. He slick-talked the gatekeepers to give the nod to let me in with him. The entire garage was rented out by the mogul. The first level was an open bar and it was lit up. I was impressed with what money can do to turn a parking garage into a party venue. My associate got me a drink and took me around the party introducing me to the hottest tickets in town. That eye-contact kept going around as if I was not "one of them" and they knew it. I then looked up and saw one of the most powerful hip hop moguls in the industry walk into the event. Never one to be star-struck by any celebrity, I suddenly found myself mesmerized. Everyone acted as if seeing him was an everyday occurrence. This powerhouse, who many have rumored for many years to be in the Illuminati, I have to say, he was the only one who did not look at me or treat me as if I did not belong. He came across as the normal, down to earth one for the entire night. His demeanor and behavior made all the Illuminati rumors seem absolutely ridiculous.

The host of the night then opened the second level to the garage to the secret event. About 100 guests walked up the garage ramp to enter another world. The second level was draped in black cloth. It was pitch black dark with several rows of nude women in heels and colorful wigs posed like mannequins in front of a bright blue light. I do not know how much these women were paid, but they stood there for the entire party like beautiful artwork. Everywhere you turned, you ran into a big celebrity. The marijuana smoke was thick in the air. The guests enjoyed the musical genius of the host that played throughout the night. I was having a great time, but I still felt like there was a secret I was not in on.

My feet began to hurt and I needed some fresh air from all the weed in the air. I sat alone on a ramp outside the party. An A-list celebrity with his entourage were leaving the party. They walked past me. The A-list celebrity stopped and turned back to look at me. He stopped one of his friends and said,"What about her?" I looked up and caught eye-contact with both of them. His friend said,"She's innocent." They turned and kept walking down the ramp and out of the party. I felt as if I was just saved from something. What that "something" was, I will never know. However, a week later a record executive who I was introduced to that night was found dead in his home from a mysterious suicide that many believed was a homicide. Stories circulated Hollywood that it was a sacrifice.

I was later invited to have dinner with some network executives to possibly cast all of their shows. I did not know anyone personally at this dinner. My attorney had set up the meeting and she instructed me to play along with the game. When I asked how to do that or what that meant exactly, she just said I would do fine. At this dinner party, I was my usual warm and conversational self. I felt like things were going well. Then that eye-contact thing started happening around the table as it got later in the night. One executive asked if I wanted to go somewhere after the dinner with the group. Her friend smiled and said,"Awwww! She seems so innocent." I was dis-invited. I told my attorney how the night went the next day and she was disappointed. I asked her what is this "innocent" thing that I have that they seem to pick up on. She sighed,"I should have been a fireman instead of an entertainment attorney. I hate this world."

Stories have circulated throughout the industry for many years that in order to make it in Hollywood, you have to be a part of some cult. Rumors of people being sacrificed for another to succeed have intrigued the world. And it is not only Hollywood that is said to be this elite group that control the world, but politicians as well are said to be in this secret society of powers-that-be, controlling who is allowed fortune and power and who is not.

There is a conspiracy theory that Dr. Bill Cosby is said to have angered the elite for wanting to purchase the NBC network. Acquiring the network would have made him one of the most powerful men in the entertainment industry. Back in 1997 Cosby's son Ennis was mysteriously found shot in the head in the prestigious Bel Air community where crimes like this never ever happen. I knew Ennis personally. He lived upstairs from me in Atlanta, Georgia in the early 1990s. He was not the type to be involved with any illegal shenanigans or shady characters. He was innocent. Cosby backed off of NBC. There was talk of him possibly moving forward with the acquisition again and now an estimated 50 women, out of nowhere, have accused him of rape, bringing his legacy down to nothing.

When Michael Jackson bought the rights to the Beatles music, one of the most lucrative music catalogs in music history, it is believed he angered the Illuminati. Suddenly rumors of child molestation came out of the blue, destroying him. Jackson still refused to give up his ownership of the Beatles' music. In 2009 he was pumped up with an overdose of propofol and benzodiazepine in his home. Jackson was found dead on June 25th of that year. The list of unexplained deaths in Hollywood are endless.

Whether or not the Illuminati really exists, secret clubs are not so far-fetched. We witnessed them in high school. They might not have included things like gold skulls and bones as symbols or the sacrificing of careers and souls, but they were real. You're either in or out. Then there were those of us who just created our own circle. So here I am, an adult woman, still creating my own circle. And I am cool with that. I remain...innocent. Anonymous Ghost Writer