I Saw An Alien

Hey! I believe in aliens. I do not care what the government has to say or what non-believers say. I have had family and friends look at me side-ways for telling of my experiences with the extraterrestrials. I know what I saw, so I let their laughter and jokes go in one ear and out the other. It is without doubt, we all have been reading about alien conspiracies for many, many years. Whether the public wants to believe it or not, the government plays a key role behind the conspiracies. The government often plays friend and foe both by keeping evidence of alien existence hidden from us. There have been numerous theories about aliens. Some of them have been proven by the scientists, but some are still a mystery.

Many Hollywood films have been made about alien encounters such as ET, Close Encounters of The Third Kind, Aliens I, II, and III, District 9, and the list continues. My family and friends will tell you that I have seen too many alien films and I imagined seeing aliens. When I was a little girl, I was riding with my uncle and two of his friends down the highway one night in his Thunderbird. I was sitting in the back, looking out the window singing to the radio as always. My uncle and his buddies were debating over sports as usual. I looked out the front windshield over my uncle's shoulder.

The remaining of the ride to my aunt's house was quiet. My uncle tried to explain to my aunt what we saw. My aunt looked at him like he was crazy. My uncle, an architect engineer and artist, sketched in pencil what we saw. My aunt still looked at both of us like were "touched" in the head. I asked my uncle if we should call the government. That is when he looked at me like I was crazy! "No, the government already knows."

The public has come across several news reports of aliens landing and visiting Earth. Many believe aliens are stationed in the sea. Airplanes have come up missing over the Bermuda Triangle, unexplained. Events such as the missing Malaysian Airline Flight MH370, the Holographic of 2009, the Black Knight Satellite around earth for last 300,000 years, UFO speculation behind John F. Kennedy assassination, preparation of interstellar war ships by NASA through America’s hidden Space Fleet, 2012 Olympic alien invasion, Nazi UFO located in Antarctica during 1946 attack, and the declaration of wide Earth-war against aliens by General MacArthur in 1955, and the list continues, aliens have been up for discussion for quite some time. These theories have been going around the world for centuries. Over active imagination or real, no one can explain how many are witnessing the same thing. Are we connected telepathically that some of us "imagine" the exact same thing in the exact same place at the exact same time? Now that sounds crazy!

According to Ministry of Foreign Affairs report, The WEF, Russia has decided to reveal the truth about aliens to the world and asked President Obama to step forward, too, in spreading the announcement. The World Economic Forum (WEF) summarized the discovery of alien life in 2013 Forum stating that proof of life elsewhere in the universe could have profound psychological implications for human belief system. Medvedev also instructs the world to watch the Russian famous documentary film Men in Black, which gives information and details about alien UFOs. According to an author of Above Top Secret: The Worldwide U.F.O Cover-Up and a Pentagon consultant, Former President Dwight Eisenhower was involved in three straight meetings with aliens. The turnout of this meeting was to keep the alien’s agenda on Earth a secret. Strange happenings have been recorded on the moon. UK and Srilanka have also stepped forward in the race of backing alien’s existence with solid proof. Yet, governments are trying to keep the conspiracies of aliens and UFOs hidden. No one knows what is the truth, but we cannot neglect the evidence.

I've encountered an alien as an adult as well. The government can keep pumping "explanations" out into the media, but I know what I have seen and heard with my own eyes. My family and friends will continue to advise me,"Do not tell that story to anyone else." I tell anyone who will listen.