Conspiracy Theory About Chipotle's E. Coli Outbreak

Chipotle's E. Coli Outbreak

There are so many people that absolutely rave about Chipotle, and there is even a popular Vine video of a little boy who claims Chipotle is my life". Even with such huge popularity, the company is not without its faults. The company has been dealing with the presence of E. coli and the norovirus causing illness outbreaks throughout a handful of states across the nation. Recently the CDC declared the E. Coli scare over, but it was never determined where the actual source of the large outbreak came from. Because of this, many people have decided to come up with their own ideas sparking a number of conspiracy theories surrounding the Chipotle E. coli outbreak.

Corporate sabotage for Chipotle

Some people suggest that because Chipotle has made such a name for itself over the past couple of years, the E. coli outbreak might have been the work of people wanting to sabotage the company. Since Chipotle has made it publically known that they are against genetically modified organisms, the biotech industry might have planted E. coli in Chipotle products as payback. This theory was developed by Natural News back in December of last year, which is a website known for its "out there" news articles. They originally said that the biotech industry hoped to destroy Chipotle's reputation and financial future by planting E. coli in food products.

E. coli outbreak over, but more conspiracy

Even when the Center for Disease Control made notice that the outbreak was over, Natural News gave further thoughts to the ongoing conspiracy. They believe that because the CDC did not make public the cause of the outbreak, it is even more reason to believe in their theory of corporate sabotage. The news site claims that they derived the E. coli from an animal source far away from farm fields. They then found a way to nebulize, or spray the E. coli onto Chipotle food materials. The news site claims this is something that can be done easily because Chipotle offers fresh food ingredients to its customers.

Known conspiracy theorist

All of this information comes from Mike Adams, who is the founder and author of the website. He believes that Chipotle should open a criminal investigation to determine the source of this illness outbreak sabotage. If you look further at information about Adams, you will find that he has backed several other conspiracy theories including those surrounding 9/11 and the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. It is probably safe to say that Chipotle was not under attack from the biotech industry, and was just a bad coincidence of serving fresh and local produce.

Chipotle will make it up to guests

The company has taken full responsibility for the outbreak and has pledged to work harder in the future to make sure all food is safe for consumers. The CDC said that because Chipotle uses several ingredients that are cooked together and used for multiple menu items, it can be hard to pinpoint exactly what ingredient might have caused the contamination. There really is no truth or evidence to the wild conspiracy theory.