Conspiracy Theories that still remain Suspicious

Conspiracy Theories

If you were around in 1963 or know the history, you would have heard about the assassination of JFK who was the President of the United States at that time. This was certainly a national tragedy that so many people have still not forgotten. However, since then the 9/11 World Trade Center attack is something that will also go down in history.

Is it a Plot?

A poll was conducted in 2006 where Americans are of the belief that there was a lot of concealing and refusal to investigate crucial evidence, which would contradict the government’s official explanation of what happened during the September 11th terror attacks. Many Americans still question why the military did not intercept the planes that were hijacked. If the government had commanded the military to stand down and not interfere with what was happening, Americans want to know why. Was the government trying to hide their secret plan of actually destroying those buildings and place the blame instead on Islamic terrorists? Many Americans think so and because of the lack of proof whether the government was involved or not, the conspiracy theory is still hovering.

President Kennedy

Now back to President John F. Kennedy. He was assassinated when hit by two bullets, one in the neck and the other in the head. The shooter was said to have been Lee Harvey Oswald. In fact, Harvey was the only one charged for the actual killing. The public, however, don’t buy it. How can one man shoot someone in the neck and head in such a way as if he were a sharp shooter? Many Americans believe otherwise; that the incident was a broader plot to kill the President and to hide it, they blamed the killing on Oswald. The bullet’s trajectory, some claim, did not line up with what the public heard about the position where Oswald was perched. Many believe it was not possible for him to kill the President from the sixth floor. Some think there was a second shooter while others think it was an entire conspiracy that involved the CIA agents who may had been angry over the Bay of Pigs. Some thought it could be blamed on the mobsters or KGB operatives. No one has come close enough to the truth except the explanation that Oswald did the killing by himself.

Paul McCartney

Many people think that Paul McCartney was never the musician that others thought he was. Some think he never wrote certain tunes nor did he start the “Wings” band or was a vegetarian. In 1997, McCartney was knighted by Queen Elizabeth, but some people believe that it was not actually Paul McCartney who was knighted because he had already died secretly in 1966. The claim of conspiracy theories states that the members of the Beatles hid his death and hired someone that looked similar and sang similarly too and had the same cheerful personality. However, if McCartney was dead, some believe that his imposter was good at covering it. The imposter married Linda Eastman and she had four children from the union. He married and divorced Heather Mills, which was a horrible experience that he may have wished he were dead. The world might never know the truth.