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The Illuminati Conspiracy, the global "elite" who want to dominate the world.

UFO's and Alien's

Stories from those who have seen and experienced UFO and Alien Sightings

Proof that Aliens Exist

Proof that Aliens Exist

There are two types of people in this world. First, you have the people who think that the idea of “aliens” is absolutely ridiculous. If you mention aliens to these people, they’re likely to laugh and think that you’re insane.

Donald Trump: Conspiracy Theorist?

Conspiracy Theory or True?

Donald Trump has been making serious headlines over his campaign in running for president. Although Trump has said a lot of inappropriate things and has some outrageous views, there are still people out there that stand by him, as he is a leader in the polls.

National Security in the United States: Was it all a Conspiracy Theory or True?

Conspiracy Theory or True?

For a second, remove your hard hats because oftentimes, you will hear an almost crazy conspiracy theory that eventually turns out to be truthful in the end. This happens within the government when political officials create a scenario that there is an attack from the enemy’s camp in order to justify that the country has to defend its stance and go launch an all-out war against the alleged opponent.

Animals Found On Mars!

Animals On Mars

New evidence has shown that there is animal life on Mars. Conspiracy theorists have taken images from the red planet and enhanced the images as proof. NASA however states that these images are just various shaped rocks. If that is the case then why are these theorists so adamant about these images? Why don’t we ever see any of these images in color? NASA only displays their photographs in black and white as a way to conceal their findings. Mars research is based on the idea that we as humans could potentially inhabit the red planet. If life forms are already there, we should know about this.

Illuminati Runs Los Angeles?

Illuminati Runs LA

For years I have heard about the mysterious secret society called the Illuminati. There are those who believe it is all a crock of crap. Others believe those that have not succeeded in Hollywood use the Illuminati as an excuse. Then there are many who swear on a stack of Bibles that a secret underworld of chosen ones really exists in Los Angeles. Coming from the world of entertainment in Tinsel Town, I can say that Los Angeles, though it is drenched everyday in sunlight, has a weird energy...a vibe to it that is very present. I do not know that I would call it the "Illuminati", but whatever "it" is real.

Florida Professor Fired

Professor Fired

The media can become obsessed with conspiracy theories that surround mass shootings and other tragic events that take place throughout the world. With the increased number of mass shootings in 2015, it is no wonder that conspiracy theorists have developed their own ideas about how some of these shootings are nothing more than a hoax. One college professor in Florida has been officially fired, after he harassed a family who lost their son in the Sandy Hook Massacre in December of 2012.

Florida professor starts personal blog

The Florida Atlantic University has received unwanted publicity because of a professor, James Tracy, who has expressed his views that the Sandy Hook massacre was a hoax. His views were posted on a private blog in 2013, which is why school officials say he couldn't be fired.

Black Goo

Black Goo

When I was asked to write about the mysterious Black Goo that was spotted recently, I thought to myself; what could be that intriguing about some toxic goop? If I see some Black Goo on the sidewalk, I am not going to touch it, smell it, or go anywhere near it. I was imagining something like hot black tar that we often see when the city is paving the road. However, when I started researching the Black Goo phenomenon, I have to admit, I was intrigued.

Anyone walking along the road and sees a big glob of Black Goo actually moving on its own like a living being, would have a difficult time getting anyone to believe them. The Black Goo was collected into two different boxes. The crystal like form moved the boxes to try to get to one another. Many are calling the Black Goo demonic. How it was concluded that the crystals were of a demonic source, I have not found any evidence in my research. However, the goo has been found near The Bush home. Some consider that to be a sign that it is not of God?

Ku Klux Klan Take Over

ku klux klan

If someone mentions the Ku Klux Klan, the image that pops into your head is likely to be grainy, turn-of-the-century footage of midnight rallies where ghostly figures in white hoods and white robes march with torches in front of a burning cross.

But the modern Klan is much more insidious than that – promoting their hateful, racist agenda with a web site, weekly radio show, Twitter account and all the modern marketing paraphernalia you’d expect from a 21st Century media campaign.

I Saw An Alien



I believe in aliens. I do not care what the government has to say or what non-believers say. I have had family and friends look at me side-ways for telling of my experiences with the extraterrestrials. I know what I saw, so I let their laughter and jokes go in one ear and out the other. It is without doubt, we all have been reading about alien conspiracies for many, many years. Whether the public wants to believe it or not, the government plays a key role behind the conspiracies. The government often plays friend and foe both by keeping evidence of alien existence hidden from us. There have been numerous theories about aliens. Some of them have been proven by the scientists, but some are still a mystery.

Many Hollywood films have been made about alien encounters such as ET, Close Encounters of The Third Kind, Aliens I, II, and III, District 9, and the list continues. My family and friends will tell you that I have seen too many alien films and I imagined seeing aliens. When I was a little girl, I was riding with my uncle and two of his friends down the highway one night in his Thunderbird. I was sitting in the back, looking out the window singing to the radio as always. My uncle and his buddies were debating over sports as usual. I looked out the front windshield over my uncle's shoulder.